Transportation plays a major role in the society and economy. And when it comes to buying a car, people obviously focus on the cost, quality, and reliability of the car. 

There isn’t a soul who would want to buy a car that would drown his finances. So, going for low maintenance cars is a necessity rather than an option.

 A low-maintenance car is fuel efficient, cost-effective in sustaining it, and saves you time. Honestly, it attracts more buyers in the long run. New research shows that most car owners in the US are more attracted to low-maintenance cars for their appealing characteristics.



What are Low Maintenance Cars?


A low-maintenance car is a reliable and cheap to maintain vehicle. It hardly breaks down, and if it does, it requires fewer expenses to repair it. 

If you’re worried about its quality, then worry not. Initial quality and insurance coverage are among their appealing qualities. Not to mention saving on time because they don’t require frequent visits to service stores.

When it comes to fuel, these cars are pocket-friendly because they consume low fuel. As new technology and innovation trends emerge, cars have become automated too. 

The use of larger electric motors and batteries has played a major role in fuel economy. Besides, many vehicles now have new engine technologies that are fuel efficient. This saves you more bucks.

Also, automotive technology has greatly contributed to low maintenance. How so? Automotive parts are manufactured to last longer hence minimal repair cases. Ideally, these technological advances have improved ignition systems and brake systems to last longer.


How We Chose the Top Low Maintenance Cars


To purchase a low-maintenance car, you need to put more emphasis on its reliability rating and maintenance costs. 

In particular, you should focus on the major engine and transmission components, the drive system, and the cooling system. These components can be quite expensive to repair and maintain, so you should get it right the first time.

That’s what we based this selection on.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, transportation is the second most expensive need after housing in the US. You don’t want to make it more expensive by adding more fuel and maintenance costs. Therefore, picking on non-luxury gas vehicles would help ease your budget. 

Additionally, cars that are initially costly to maintain tend to become even more expensive as they age. So, it is important to make a wise decision by selecting a model with a high reliability rating.


Top 10 Low Maintenance Cars in 2023


On top of the initial buying cost, you should consider the maintenance cost of that particular car. Many people only focus on the initial cost and forget about the maintenance fees, which later end up drowning their finances. 

To save you the hassle, we picked the top 10 low maintenance cars in 2023. Any of these will ease your burden in the long run.

10. Volkswagen T-Roc 2023

Volkswagen T-Roc 2023

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Volkswagen cars have proven to be cheaper to maintain. The T- Roc model of Volkswagen earns higher ratings in terms of reliability and maintenance. It also has essential features that prove it to be the best in the Volkswagen family. 

For example, its turbo diesel engine is strong and durable. It has claimed excellent fuel economy due to its lowest emissions across the range. 

High speed and lucrative warranty of 5 years,  just to mention but a few of its outstanding features. 

Now to the expenses, it will cost you approximately $676 every year in maintenance. You’ll also need around $25,100 to buy a new T-Roc in 2023. 

9. 2023 Mini Cooper 

2023 Mini Cooper

Photo Courtesy of Car and Driver

The most celebrated type of Mini cars is the Cooper. It has a low power consumption rate and a top speed of 191 kmph. 

The low-maintenance car has an automatic transmission and an extended warranty ranging from 4 years to 7 years. It also boasts great fuel economy(26 mpg city/ 37 mpg highway), control, and stability. 

A 2023 Mini Cooper owner can pay an average of $652 per year in maintenance and repair. By the way, a new Mini Cooper 2023 cost starts at $20,800.

8. 2023 Kia Soul

2023 Kia Soul

Photo Courtesy of Edmunds

The 2023 Kia Soul has some exciting features. It has a fuel-efficient engine with 147 hp, an updated grill, and 18-inch alloy wheels. 

Additionally, it has an impressive speed of 120 kmph and a continuously variable automatic transmission. 

Depending on where you buy, the warranty for Kia Soul 2023 ranges from 5- 10 years. 

Why is it on the list? Well, it costs an average of $474 per year to maintain and repair a Kia Soul. 

A new Kia Soul 2023 costs approximately $19,900.

7. Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

Photo Courtesy of Mitsubishi

The 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the cars with low maintenance cost. It is one of the leading-edge technology vehicles in America. 

  • Super all-wheel drive,
  • Larger drive battery
  • Most fuel-efficient non-hybrid

It also has one of the best warranties, going up to 10 years. 

Its engine is paired with a CVT that allows for smooth and efficient power delivery. A Mitsubishi Mirage 2023 owner can pay an average of $455 per year for maintenance costs. And the initial buying cost starts at $17,650.

6. Toyota Avalon

Dark Green Toyota Avalon

Photo Courtesy of JD Power

The Toyota Avalon model has received high ratings when it comes to maintenance. Some of its incredible features include standard traction control and a 3.5 liter V-6 engine with 301 hp. 

It is fuel efficient, city 22/ highway 32, and has a standard pedestrian detention system for safety purposes.

Purchasing a Toyota Avalon model 2023 costs between $35,650 and $42,950. On the other hand, maintaining it requires around $440 yearly.

5. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla e150

Photo from Wikipedia

Toyota Corolla is famously known for offering better fuel efficiency than its sisters in the Toyota family. Moreover, it has eight gas-powered configurations.

Best of its features include an engine available with both manual and automatic transmission, 169 horsepower, and more standard tech. The new model even adds up to an anti-theft system and child restraint system. 

You’ll also have a warranty covered for 10 years, starting from model year 2020. A brand-new Toyota Corolla goes for approximately $22,000. Yearly maintenance costs are around $408.

4. Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius

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Toyota Prius has more enticing features to add to its low maintenance costs. Dual motor drive system to deliver optimal speed, EV benefits that optimize efficiency, and a Toyota hybrid battery.

Further, it has gas mileage ratings of 58 mpg city/ 53 mpg highway and an electric power train. Into the bargain, the Prius batteries lifespan is 8-10 years, proving to be one the most effective car models in 2023. 

In most states, the warranty for Toyota Prius varies from 3-8 years. Finally, a new Toyota Prius car costs between $27,500 and $32,300, depending on the model and trim. Annual maintenance costs are around $408.

3. Honda Accord

Honda Accord

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Honda Accord has some exciting features, such as its gasoline direct injection fuel system, intercooler turbo regular unleaded engine, and a maximum horsepower of 192. More to these features include 29 mpg city/ 37 mpg highway fuel consumption.

The new model comes with a collision mitigation braking system and adaptive cruise control with low speed, all thanks to the new technology. It has a top speed of 206 kmph. 

On average, the total maintenance cost for a Honda Accord is $400 annually. This model’s price starts at $27,300.

2. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

Photo Courtesy of Car Wale

Toyota Camry is a hybrid electric vehicle. It has a hybrid battery, a four-cylinder engine, and steering-mounted transmission controls. 

It is designed with an electronic continuously variable transmission, thus fuel efficient. The car holds its own drive thanks to its electric motor. More to its features include its technical specifications such as standard driver assistance, adaptive cruise control, and its amazing warranty of 3-10 years. 

Regarding maintenance costs, a Toyota Camry requires around $388 per year. And you can buy a new one at $26,350- $30,980, depending on the trim levels.

1. Toyota Yaris

Black Toyota Yaris Hatchback - the best low maintenance car

Photo Courtesy of Toyota MX

One thing I like about Toyota Yaris is its excellent fuel economy. This is thanks to its manual and multi-drive 7s automatic transmission. 

Specifications for this model remain a great deal. From an electric power steering with control switches to a cruise control system and 15-inch alloy wheels. More emphasis on its 106 horsepower and 1498 engine displacement. 

Warranty for this low-maintenance car ranges between.3-10 years. Besides, it is significantly cheaper to maintain, with it maintenance cost of approximately $335 annually. You can buy a new Toyota Yaris from $24,650 – $ 28,050.


Final Thoughts – Best Low Maintenance Cars


Low maintenance cars are not only reliable but also budget-friendly and time effective. As a car buyer in the USA, you should consider the vehicle’s maintenance cost as important as the initial cost. 

Of course, it is also important to consider your needs in terms of expenditure, reason for the purchase, maybe leisure or business/ work related. That way, you’ll only buy a car that is within your financial budget. 

With every feature put into consideration and correct calculations of the total cost of your car, you will surely make the right choice.