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Do you cruise down the road every now and then? I have some tips on how to make your rides fun and comfortable. Just like a doctor, there are some car accessories you just can’t afford to lack.

They act as a secret sauce that will turn your car into a haven of convenience, style, and entertainment. Trust me, these little add-ons can make a difference, whether you’re cruising down the open road or stuck in traffic.

What are they? Read on!

Comfort and Convenience Car Accessories

For a more comfortable ride, you need the following:

Must have car accessories for comfort

Seat Covers and Cushions

Do you need an added touch of style to your car’s interior? Seat covers and cushions will do the trick. They also protect your seats from spills, stains, and general wear and tear. 

Plus, they provide extra cushioning for those long drives when your tush could use a little TLC. 

Steering Wheel Covers

Oh, this is a crucial connection between you and your car. Ever grabbed onto one of those icy, sticky, or worn-out wheels? Yeah, not the best feeling, huh? 

Steering wheel covers will give you a better grip on the wheel and protect it from getting scratched or damaged.

Car Organizers

These babies are the superheroes of tidiness. They’ll help you keep everything in order, thanks to their nifty features like cup holders, compartments, and even charging ports. 

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a clean, zen-like driving environment.


Ah, the blazing sun on a scorching summer day—sounds familiar, right? Well, sunshades will solve the problem. This simple yet essential accessory shields your car’s interior from the scorching heat, keeping it cooler and more comfortable. 

No more burning your hands on scorching steering wheels or sitting on seats that feel like hot coals. Just unfold the sunshade, place it on your windshield, and let it work its magic.

Floor Mats

Let’s face it; our shoes can sometimes be a little messy. And that mess can quickly find its way onto your car’s floor. But fear not! Floor mats are here to save the day and keep your car’s interior cleaner. 

These protective car accessories provide a barrier against dirt, mud, spills, and whatever else life throws at them. Plus, they’re easy to clean, so you can bid farewell to those stubborn stains and grime. Slip them in, step on them with pride, and keep your car looking sharp from the ground up.

Air Freshener

The fresh car smell often fades away, leaving behind unwanted odors. But with a trusty air freshener, it doesn’t have to.

These small but mighty car accessories come in various scents, from invigorating citrus to calming lavender. Hang them from your rearview mirror, clip them onto your vents, or place them discreetly in your cup holders and let the delightful fragrance rejuvenate your driving experience.


Must Have Safety and Security Car Accessories

Dash Camera installed in a car that's on the road

Before autonomous vehicles become the next big thing in the automotive industry, we need to be there to witness it. That’s why you need to stay safe on the road. 

On top of the usuals like seat belts, alarm systems, and airbags, you also need the following car accessories:


We all hope to avoid accidents, but life happens, right? That’s where dashcams come to the rescue. Think of them as your car’s personal eyewitness. They capture everything that unfolds on the road, from fender benders to unexpected encounters with unruly drivers. 

Some even have nifty features like GPS tracking and collision detection. With a dashcam on your side, you’ll have evidence to protect yourself and your precious ride.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Ah, the dreaded blind spot—a driver’s worst enemy. You check your side mirror and glance over your shoulder. But there always seems to be that sneaky spot you can’t fully see. 

In such a case, you need a blind spot mirror. These little mirrors stick onto your side mirrors, expanding your field of vision and revealing those pesky blind spots. Stay in control, stay aware, and wave goodbye to surprise lane changes.

Emergency Tool Kit

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared for the unexpected. An emergency tool kit, your trusty sidekick in times of trouble. It’s like a superhero utility belt, but for your car. 

Jumper cables, tire inflators, multi-tools—you name it, this kit has got your back. Get acquainted with your tools, and you’ll be ready to handle a flat tire or a dead battery like a pro.

Emergency KitContentsFeatures
Basic Emergency KitFirst aid supplies, flashlight, reflective vest, jumper cables, emergency blanketEssential items for emergencies and roadside assistance
Winter Emergency KitIce scraper, snow shovel, traction aids, warm clothing, hand warmersFor winter conditions and potential car-related issues
Roadside Assistance KitReflective triangle, tow rope, tire inflator, multi-tool, emergency food, and waterMade for various roadside emergencies, may include additional tools and supplies

Entertainment and Connectivity Accessories

Connecting smartphone to car's music system

For a long commute, say a road trip, you can’t afford to be bored. You’re not rushing, so you need to have fun while on the road. 

Let’s shift gears and talk about keeping entertained and connected while on the road. In that case, you need the following:

Bluetooth Car Kit

First up, we have the Bluetooth car kit—an absolute game-changer. With this little gadget, you can seamlessly make hands-free calls and stream your favorite tunes without fumbling around with your phone. 

From FM transmitters to auxiliary adapters, there’s a Bluetooth car kit for every setup. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to cruising to your favorite beats hassle-free.

Phone Mounts

Admit it—we’ve all used our laps, cup holders, or even our knees to hold our phones while navigating. It’s a recipe for disaster; we both know it. 

Smartphone mounts will make work easier and keep your phone within easy reach. And they are available in different types: dashboard mounts, vent mounts, old windshield mounts, etc. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Car Phone MountMounting TypeFeatures
Dashboard MountAdhesive or suction cupSecure attachment to the dashboard, adjustable viewing angles, stable hold
Windshield MountSuction cupAttaches to the windshield, adjustable arm, 360-degree rotation
Vent MountClip-on or magneticAttaches to the car's air vent, compact and portable, easy installation and removal
CD Slot MountInsertion into CD slotUtilizes the car's CD player slot, sturdy and secure mounting, does not obstruct the windshield or vents

USB Car Charger

Low battery anxiety—we’ve all been there. A USB charger is a must-have car accessory if you use your phone a lot while driving.

Imagine having multiple USB ports right in your car. Some even come with fast charging capabilities, ensuring you’re back to full power in no time. So, you can keep your devices happy, your playlist blasting, and those navigation apps running smoothly.

Over to you…

For a more comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient driving experience, consider having these car accessories. Their importance may vary, and you might even need more, depending on your definition of fun. For example, those who love loud music may need more/stronger speakers.



What extra car accessories for women should I have?

You might like a trunk organizer, car plants, or air freshener vent clips. I’ve also seen my wife install a car handbag.  

What extra car accessories for men should I have?

If you like, you can have a sunglasses holder, a coin holder, or a car inverter. There’s more, though.

Are there any car accessories I can give as a gift?

Of course. Good examples are phone mounts, blind spot mirrors, and car organizers. If you don’t mind going the extra mile, you can get your buddy or family a new floor mat, steering wheel cover, or car organizer.

Where can I find cheap car accessories?

Well, you’ll have to shop around for the best prices. But you can look for discounts on websites like Toyota. 

Can I fix car accessories by myself?

Of course yes. You can affix phone mounts, steering wheel covers, and other easy-to-install accessories by yourself. For complicated ones like Bluetooth kits, you might need to visit an AutoZone.